Retail Media is All About the Data

#30DaysofRetailMedia | Day 20: Retail Media is All About the Data

It pays to know the customer.

Brands use a retailer’s first-party customer data to refine and measure their advertising campaigns on retail media networks.

Retailers and brands can better understand and serve consumers using data insights on shoppers’:

🛍 Engagement: Are they a new or loyal customer?
🛍 Attitudes: What brands and categories do they love?
🛍 Behaviors: How often do they shop online or in stores? Do they spend hours on TikTok or at the gym?

Retail media also helps retailers and brands avoid privacy issues that affect advertising based on third-party data from cookies, which are being phased out.

Overall, applying consumer data can drive growth, as:

RETAILERS earn new revenue streams from B2B ad sales
BRANDS gain insights for better media planning, targeting and measurement
CONSUMERS see more relevant, targeted ads for a superior customer experience

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