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Delivering the Goods

The mall has arrived on our doorsteps. As e-commerce matures, we’ve seen remarkable growth in delivery services now that online shoppers expect home delivery that is: Fast Free Convenient These trends are fuelling demand for delivery that connects retailers, brands and restaurants with consumers (especially since we’ve been home all year). How often do you […]

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Porter’s 5 Forces: Retail 2021

A strategy classic. Porter’s 5 Forces model helps to explain market influences as retail undergoes tremendous upheaval. To manage fierce competition, companies can boost their bargaining power if they: Differentiate their offerings Reflect in-demand consumer trends Invest in e-commerce for omnichannel agility Also, as tech-driven supply chains grow in power, companies are establishing strategic partnerships […]

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2021 Retail Strategy Trends

What does 2021 have in store? Reinvigorating retail and getting closer to consumers are macro strategic trends we’ll see in the new year, as retailers and brands: – Fuel sales and consumer excitement– Cut inefficiencies– Gain lucrative new strengths See related infographics on:– 2020 Retail Partnerships– 2020 Retail PEST Analysis– Social Commerce is the Future […]

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