Top Retail Trends in Q2 2023

What shaped 2023 retail strategy in Q2?

Over the past 3 months, these trends have dominated global headlines.

Big themes among them include:

⭐ GROWTH: Companies invest in retail media and target communities to grow the top line

⭐ RISK: Reduced consumption and the rise in shoplifting affect companies and consumers

⭐ EFFICIENCY: Retailers and brands digitize their processes to save time and money

Also, you may have noticed cross-over among these trends like:

🛍 Meta and Google announce new AI-powered ad products (retail media, AI, social commerce)

🛍 Brands try to win the digital shelf on retail media networks with AI (retail media, AI)

🛍 Grocery shoplifting is on the rise due to the economy (theft, inflation)

What other trends dominated Q2?

Retail Theft on the Rise
2023 Global Grocery Trends (designed by the spectacular Santosh Kushwaha of Visual Best)
In-Store Tech Trends

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