Toronto Needs Tech Disruptors, Say Public & Private Sectors

Move over, Silicon Valley. Toronto’s hot technology sector is attracting leading global IT companies.

The city boasts top talent, an affordable Canadian dollar and a mayor, John Tory, who proudly promotes the city as an innovation hotspot.

Tory attended this week’s TechTO event at Toronto’s City Hall council chambers to discuss the technology sector’s success – and how it shapes regional prosperity.

John Tory at TechTO
Toronto needs bold tech entrepreneurs

Tory called Toronto’s technology sector “the future for public service, enterprise and jobs.” He spoke of the need to invest in innovation, saying, “I want Toronto to be the home of the [technology] game changers.”

In praise of the sector’s bold business leaders and innovators, Tory said, “Toronto needs IT entrepreneurs and risk takers to bring prosperity to our city.”

“We need to teach people to create jobs — not just get a job.”

The city has gained momentum as an emerging, internationally-recognized technology leader. As Tory cited, Toronto is 1 of 9 cities around the world chosen for a global innovation hub.

Tech disruptors share their wisdom
Following Tory’s speech, several Toronto’s technology leaders shared their own business experience adn insights at the TechTO event last night:

“Build brand trust, credibility, benefits, proof and champions. Go where the pain is.”
~ Jeff Ruby, Founder, Newtopia Inc.

“Love your clients. Hire the best.” Don’t wait for perfection: “Ship before the paint is dry — and move fast”
~ Janice Diner, Founding Partner and CEO, Horizn

“Saying no is harder (and better) than saying yes”
~ Cory Rosenfield, Co-Founder, Qoints

“When you’re building a startup: leverage your team, be scrappy and punch above your weight.”
~ Kevin Gervais, CEO, Statflo

Together, these public and private sector proponents of Toronto’s tech sector believe in our city’s ability to create disruptive change in Canada and around the world. Their insights can inspire business leaders in all sectors to take risks, innovate and drive prosperity.

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