Leadership Lessons from Toronto’s Tech Titans

In Toronto’s booming technology sector, companies are competing for top talent while trying to attract investors, remain agile and stay ahead of rapidly-evolving industry trends.

Due to explosive growth, Toronto’s tech job growth rate is well above the overall employment rate, according to the Financial Post.

To learn from proven leaders and rising stars in the city’s bustling technology community, I recently attended a TechTO event at the extremely packed TELUS House.

Here are some of the thoughtful insights and experiences shared by Toronto’s technology leaders on September 21 and last night:

“Fail away! Turn your mistakes into profitable lessons.”
~ Bijan Vaez, Co-Founder and CTO, EventMobi

“It’s a great time to be an entrepreneur: Everything’s broken – so be the solution.”
~ Vicki Saunders, Founder, SheEO

“Having an open network is the top predictor of career success. It exposes us to new people, skills & ideas. Plus, your network is your net worth.”
~ Paul Teshima, Co-Founder and CEO, Nudge

“Ask yourself a tough question: Does your company’s culture energize you and inspire your best work?”
~ Andy Yang, CEO, 500px

“Becoming an entrepreneur is a lot like going to war: You need to be ready for anything. How do you prevent [against] being copied? You keep innovating.”
~ Gimmy Chu, CEO and Co-Founder, NanoLeaf

“Investing in your customer’s success is investing in your own.”
~ Ivan Tsarynny, CEO and Co-Founder, PostBeyond

“Surround yourself with the people who are living the life you want… You’ve got to be the best version of yourself if you’re going to dominate. …There are 24 hours a day: 8 for sleep, 8 for work and 8 for you… The best you creates the best work.”
~ Steve Tam, Canadian Marketing Manager, Tech & Design, Indiegogo

This wisdom from Toronto’s technology leaders can inspire and help other business leaders across all sectors.

What other leadership lessons would you add?

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