Prove You’re a B2B Superhero

You know it: Your B2B brand consistently outperforms rivals due to your leadership, excellence and momentum in your niche.

But do your most desirable prospects know?

Today more B2B purchasers start their research online than B2C; sales often start with a Google search. This trend means your brand has a massive, untapped opportunity to strategically use online content to create a competitive advantage.

Specifically, you can prove your value, build brand trust and impress your dream clients by sharing your greatest success stories – your legacy – through persuasive B2B case studies.

Be the Hero of Your Brand Story
The most effective B2B case studies are concise yet convincing stories that describe a client’s pain point, your company’s solution and the positive business impact.

For years, I’ve applied the following tips to help my clients develop winning sales proposals, generate qualified leads and secure millions of dollars worth of investor funding.

How to Create Brilliant B2B Case Studies
Use these tips to share your brand legacy and win over your dream clients:

1. Put your best face forward:
Which business success stories make you feel proudest? Start there. Identify the most common business problems among your ideal client to help you pinpoint the most relevant stories – the ones your target is most likely to enter into a Google search.

2. Focus on your audience:
Share your B2B case study from the perspective of the client you helped. Describe their business problem and the frustration caused by their pain point. Use the same language, keywords and terminology your ideal clients would use, without using jargon.

3. Channel your inner superhero:
While you don’t need to strut like Kanye West, this is no time to be shy. Share how you offered business benefits that made life easier and better for your client. For instance, did you offer superior expertise, a flat learning curve or proven processes? Let your target know why they should pay attention to you.

4. Seal the deal with results:
Share concrete examples of positive business results, ideally with quantifiable metrics and testimonials as evidence of your excellence. Contrast how your effective solution outweighed the cost of maintaining the status quo. Entice your ideal client by sharing the very best of what you have to offer.

5. Keep winning:
Please maximize the ROI of your success stories by promoting and repurposing your B2B case studies. To reach busy B2B decision makers, share your content on LinkedIn, Twitter, your website, e-newsletters, videos, and presentations at conferences and events your dream clients attend.

Why These Tips Work
These tips can help you proactively capture your dream clients’ attention by creating flattering B2B case studies that prove your impressive legacy. Maximize your ROI and take each of your B2B case studies further by easily repurposing the content for multiple marketing vehicles.

By sharing your company’s greatest success stories, you can build brand trust and inspire your ideal clients to work with you – before they even meet you.

What B2B case study tips would you add?

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