A (Canadian) Branding Exercise

Branding is more important than ever in business, as brands convey consistent quality, credibility and experience. Brands establish an emotional connection and can build value. In honour of Canada Day, we’ll examine a patriotic brand, Molson Canadian beer.

Molson Canadian stands out from all the other domestic and foreign beer brands by relying on its core value of patriotism. (By contrast, key competitor Labatt Blue’s brand is all about playful spontaneity.)

Use the following exercise to determine your company’s brand positioning to help guide all your communications, including your creative and competitive strategies.

1. Core Value:
Molson Canadian instills a sense of belonging among young Canadian men who want to express their national pride. What is your brand’s core value?

2. Positioning Statement:
To young Canadian men, Molson Canadian is the domestic beer that is a strong social symbol because it boldly represents pride in Canadian culture. What is your brand’s positioning statement?

3. Positioning Model:
This is Molson Canadian’s brand positioning model:

How does your brand’s positioning model stack up against these five criteria?

4. Brand Characteristics:
Molson Canadian: Patriotic, youthful, energetic, sociable, extroverted, fun and hip.
What are your brand’s characteristics?

Getting clear on what makes your brand unique can help your company break through the clutter.

What differentiates your brand?

Lisa Goller
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