7 Secrets of Successful Speeches

Delivering a captivating presentation can help you and your brand stand out and look good. Whether you’re trying to connect with customers, employees or investors, presenting with poise will help you grip your audience and feel confident.

To prepare a powerful presentation, use these tips:

  1. Show your passion: What aspect of your topic makes you most passionate? Start there. If you don’t have an answer, find another topic. Your enthusiasm (or lack thereof) will be contagious and affect your end result.
  2. Know your audience: Make your message audience-centric, ideally helping them solve a pain point. In your introduction, share “what’s in it for them” to motivate listeners to give you their full attention.
  3. Keep it simple: Use one focused, compelling message, rather than a bunch of facts or random points. Weave your core message throughout your entire speech.
  4. Bond through emotion: You’re not Mr. Spock, so engage your audience by adding genuine emotion to make your message memorable. As public speaking expert Nick Morgan states, “Great speeches are primarily emotional, not logical.”
  5. Connect through conversation: Help your audience relate to you by making your speech conversational. Use short sentences, contractions and simple language.
  6. Look beyond words: How you deliver your speech – including your voice’s tone, pauses and, body language – matter far more than what you actually say. Stand tall, and make deliberate gestures and great eye contact for a commanding presence.
  7. Add value: Give your audience something helpful to apply to their professional or personal life. Suggesting practical takeaways can strengthen the impact of your message.

Using these suggestions can elevate your message from informational to inspirational. Good luck!

What public speaking tips would you add to the list?

Lisa Goller
Lisa Goller helps businesses tell their story. As a Toronto-based Strategic Freelance Writer & Editor, she helps executives and entrepreneurs stand out, look good and save time. Learn more at lisagoller.com

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